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bottoms up

For a natural remedy that encourages your pet’s anal glands to empty fully. This a great solution to aid in easing your pet’s anal discomfort, without having to take a trip to the vet.


A great addition to meal times, or if your pet is a little extra fussy with their food, try adding the powder to a treat. 


The Bottoms Up Powders contains:

– Flaxseed
– Alfalfa
– Wild Sage
– Kelp
– Turmeric
– Cayenne
– Wild Apium Seeds
– Fennel
– Green Aniseed
– Pre & Probiotics
– Enzymes


Instructions for use:

Add 1 teaspoon twice a day to food – Very small pets/breeds, or under 15kg, halve the amount shown above, larger pets/breeds, or those over 15kg, can be given double the amount shown above for the first packet.


Store the Bottoms Up Powders in a cool dry area.


One Pack – Approximately one months supply based on two teaspoons daily

All Tonics and Powders contain the RDA (Recommended Daily Amount) of supplements

All products across the Herbal Pet Supplies range are 100% Natural and Safe to use around your home, your pets and your family. 

Bottoms Up Powders