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Ear Ya Go! Cleaner

Is your pet not listening to you? It could just be them being cheeky! However, it could also be that they might have some build-up in their ears.


The Ear Ya Go! Cleaner is a great way to clear out your pet’s upper ear of wax and other debris that might be stuck in there.


The Ear Ya Go! Cleaner contains:

– Aqueous Extracts of Wild Sage
– Wild Thyme
– Wild Marjoram
– Organic Cider Vinegar Base


Instructions for use:

First soak some kitchen paper, or a reusable pad, with the product and then wipe over the upper ears.


The Ear Ya Go! Cleaner is available in one size:

100ml/3.38 fl oz


Our Ear Ya Go! Cleaner comes as standard with a screw on lid, if you wish to purchase a pipette, then you can do so by clicking the option next to the product above.


All products across the Herbal Pet Supplies range are 100% Natural and Safe to use around your home, your pets and your family. 

Ear Ya Go! Cleaner

PriceFrom £12.99