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Motion Potion

A natural and relaxing option to keep your pets feeling their best when out travelling.


Our Motion Potion is a great alternative to sedation while out travelling for distances at a time, giving your pet a settled and calming experience en route to your destination.


The Motion Potion contains:

– Ginger Root
– Valerian Root
– Chamomile Tincture


Instructions for use:

Give your pet 1 – 5 pipettes/ 1 – 5ml directly into their mouth, or alternatively onto their food 20 minutes before travelling.


The Motion Potion is available in one size:

100ml/3.38 fl oz


Our Motion Potion comes as standard with a screw on lid, if you wish to purchase a pipette, then you can do so by clicking the option next to the product above.


All products across the Herbal Pet Supplies range are 100% Natural and Safe to use around your home, your pets and your family. 

Motion Potion

PriceFrom £20.99