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No More Bites Foam Shampoo

Our all-natural No More Bites Foam Shampoo is a great solution for dealing with those pesky bugs and parasites that might be causing your pets some discomfort.


No one wants any unwanted guests, especially if they’re attached to you! Unfortunately for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and our other furry friends, this can be the case. With our ‘No More Bites’ natural flea & tick foam shampoo, you can say goodbye to those parasites, leaving your pets feeling a lot more comfortable.


Works well alongside our other No More Bites product to deter fleas, ticks or other parasites.


The No More Bites Foam Shampoo contains:

– Coconut Surfactant Foaming & Cleansing Agent
– Natural Sea Salt
– Chamomile Aqueous Extracts
– Aqua
– Lemongrass
– Lavender
– Neem
– Quassia


Instructions for use:

Massage, or brush, into your pet’s dry coat – this is a no rinse formula.


The No More Bites Foam Shampoo is available in one size:

500ml/16.9 fl oz


** Please note – Neem is a possible allergen to some sensitive animals, please patch test if you think this applies to your pet**


All products across the Herbal Pet Supplies range are 100% Natural and Safe to use around your home, your pets and your family. 

No More Bites Foam Shampoo