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Power Up Powders

For a natural boost to power up your pet’s immune system, this powder is great for keeping your pet in their best condition.


A great addition to meal times, or if your pet is a little extra fussy with their food, try adding the powder to a treat. For more tips about our products, consider joining our FREE Facebook community.


Our Powders and Tonics are all 100% natural, containing both herbal and plant extracts. We recommend using our Power Up Powder with other products like: Bless you Spray, Bless you Shampoo and Bless you Honey Tincture.


The Power Up Powders contains:

– Echinacea
– Wild Thyme
– Alfalfa
– Flaxseed
– Milk Thistle Seed
– Brewers Yeast
– Pre & Probiotics
– Digestive Enzymes


Instructions for use:

Add 1 teaspoon twice a day to food – Very small pets/breeds, or under 15kg, halve the amount shown above, larger pets/breeds, or those over 15kg, can be given double the amount shown above for the first packet.


Store the Power Up Powders in a cool dry area.


One Pack – Approximately one months supply based on two teaspoons daily

All products across the Herbal Pet Supplies range are 100% Natural and Safe to use around your home, your pets and your family. 

Power Up Powders