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Good Causes We Support



Helping Dogs & Cats UK Rescue.

As our local rescue, this is our main good cause we love to help. HDCUK was founded by Kirsty. They are a non-profit animal rescue based in Basingstoke and operate in Berkshire, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey. We rescue dog, cats, and other small animals in need of help.  Their work includes rehoming and rehabilitation, veterinary care, microchipping, spaying, and neutering. 

Back in 2017, Kirsty lost her beloved dog and best friend Millie, who had a wonderful life until she passed away aged 15. Kirsty was heartbroken to lose Millie, however, Millie was her inspiration to start working in rescue and in 2018 Helping Dogs and Cats UK Rescue (formerly Helping Dogs UK Rescue) was launched in her memory. 

The love and friendship Millie gave to Kirsty, didn't leave with her, and Kirsty now passes this love, care and friendship on to any animal that needs it. Surrounded by a fantastic team of volunteers, who are equally as passionate about animal rescue and welfare, HDCUK do their best to make the life of every rescue dog and cat matter.


Animal food bank

This is run by Helping Dogs and Cats UK. We make donations to the local animal food bank. We also collect food donations for them and deliver on their behalf to people in need. If you're in need of support please join the group and contact admin, they're extremely helpful, and everything is in confidence. We support them but no information is given to us, other than delivery addresses, so when you ask for help you can do so with the knowledge your application will be kept private. We understand that for a lot of people their pets are all they have, so we will help in any way we can. If you're lucky enough to be able to help out with either donations or food, please contact us and we'll tell you how. Thank you. 

Saving Balkan are a small non-profit organization set up to help find homes for rescue Boxers from the Balkans. These dogs face very difficult lives, some with no food or shelter, kept on chains, unloved and unwanted, starving and uncared for. With the help of some fantastic people in the Balkans, the rescue can give them a second chance. They rely entirely on their supporters who fundraise tirelessly, to help with their transport, care and food, and also find home-checked homes. They provide rescue backup to these dogs for the rest of their lives. Some of these dogs have never lived in a home and will need extra time adjusting, some have been in a home but not the way you and I understand it, so may need to learn even the most basic skills such as toilet training. New owners also need to be aware that they won't understand you at first, so will need time and patience, but these dogs have proved to be the most wonderful companions. The rescue also often rescues other breeds too and assists with the rehoming of dogs in the UK.


We have also donated many boxes of treats to local schools and rescues, usually as prizes for raffles to help raise some much-needed funds. 

Saving Balkan

100% of our profits are used to help good causes. Some examples of who we've helped so far are below.


Headed up by Michelle Clark who prior to the launch of DOTS back in 2016 had already been running a street outreach programme for 6 years, tending to the needs of the homeless with dogs, she steadily built up a strong rapport and in depth knowledge of their true needs.
Via Michelle’s extensive work in this area, the true inspiration for DOTS came in the waggy tailed shape of a very special street dog called Poppy who changed Michelle’s life forever. Poppy’s homeless dad was taken very ill and having heard about Michelle’s work made contact to see if she could help with Poppy’s welfare while he moved into accommodation to try and better his health. Michelle took Poppy on, welcoming her into her family (including numerous other furbabies!) like one of her own. And it was this bond that was formed with Poppy that sparked the desire in Michelle to do even more than she was for the homeless doggy owning community, to provide a more permanent and regular service.
Fast forward to now and DOTS operates weekly in London as well as running regular services in other major UK cities with a view to expand even further.
With a fully equipped mobile veterinary surgery vehicle allowing ease of access to dogs in need, DOTS ensures all the essential items and services are provided for free each and every week. From food provisions to new harnesses and leads plus training and grooming sessions.
Michelle has been involved in a number of cases where she has been successful in getting homeless people and their dogs off the streets for good and hopes to do more of this in the future, because every body, human or canine, deserves a roof over their heads.

You can donate a box of treats to DOTS please click the button below and look at the DOTS Box. 

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