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Puppy / Senior Box

Dogs love our treat boxes! They can’t keep their paws off them after a long hard day.


Packed with natural ingredients help to improve your dog’s immunity & health.


Why our treats are good for your dog

- 100% Natural

- Free from rawhide

- Bursting with flavour


Your box will contain a selection box of soft treats from the list below, but if your pup has allergies or is a fussy eater this can be customised, contact us to discuss this:


- Dental Sticks

Beef & Herb

Chicken & Cheese

Chicken & Nettle

Chicken & Carrot

- Meaty Strips




- Goose Finger

- Deer Finger

- Beef & Herb Spaghetti

- Cod Buttons

- Natural Sausage

- Rabbit Ear Fur On

- Rabbit Ear Fur Off

- Sprats


Contents will vary depending on stock levels


Packaging and Storage

The treats come in 100% recyclable packaging. They will keep in the original box for 3 months, or 6-7 months if stored in an air-tight container or a zip lock bag (recommended, they’re a bit smelly!).


Feeding Guidelines

Full supervision is advised at all times. Puppies and dogs should NEVER be left alone when eating a Treat, and should always have a plentiful supply of fresh drinking water



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Puppy / Senior Box

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